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High-quality services

We provide high-quality services, all of our prefabrication works are inspected by an independent certification body and delivered to the client in full operation .

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Refinery Projects

Having well trained and experienced personnel, we undertake projects in Petroleum Refineries.

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Natural Gas Pipelines

Natural gas pipe welding with tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding method.

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Inox Piping

Inox pipe welding for pharmaceutical and food industries.

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LPG pipelines

Construction of LPG pipelines, installations of tanks, evaporators and implementation of automatic leak detection systems.

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Steam pipelines

Construction of steam pipelines in food industries, hospitals etc. Installations & maintenance of steam boilers and steam generators .

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Fire Extinguishing Networks

Installation of classic fire extinguishing networks, grooved fittings, water supply tanks and sprinklers.

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Waste Water Treatment – Sewage Plants

Construction of sedimentation tanks, stainless steel tanks, deodorizing filters, mixers and sieves . As well as special constructions according to needs of each facility.

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Steel constructions

Construction of steel beems, laders and metal platforms, any kind of material and size .

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Pressure vessels

Construction of small Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels .

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Heat Exchanger Retubing

We repair or retube Heat Exchanger for the heavy industry .

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PVC Pipelines

Installation of PVC Pipelines by certified technicians.